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The mission of the Androscoggin River Watershed Council is to continuously improve environmental quality, encourage stewardship, and promote healthy and prosperous communities in the Androscoggin Watershed.

This is achieved through our 5 Goals

About the River: The Androscoggin flows for nearly 170 miles, beginning at Lake Umbagog on the Maine/New Hampshire border, continuing south through northern New Hampshire, heading east through western Maine, then turning south again before joining with the Kennebec in Merrymeeting Bay and emptying into the Atlantic.  It has a rich geological and human history.  Having once been rated as one of the most polluted rivers in the country, it served as the inspiration for the Clean Water Act and now boasts great fishing, wildlife habitat, and recreation opportunities.  The Androscoggin River Watershed Council encourages collaboration among industry, conservation groups, landowners, and other interests to ensure that the Androscoggin continues to be a healthy asset to the communities on its banks and the wildlife it supports.

COVID-19 Update

Mark your calendars for our 2020 Virtual Conference and Annual Meeting on December 2nd. Check your email  soon for a full conference schedule and registration link. 

The 2020 Source to Sea will consist of self-guided paddles. See the S2S link to the right for more details.

All environmental programs continue to function with construction of improved fish passage projects in New Hampshire and Water Quality Sampling and other programs in Maine

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Map & Guide: Androscoggin River Trail

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Photo Courtesy of Judy Gervais

Click here for the 2020 S2S itinerary

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At no cost to you, you can support food pantries in Western Maine by logging your paddling, biking and hiking adventures through the "Second Nature Adventure-Give Back When You Get Outside Challenge" in conjunction with Maine West. Go to Maine Trail Finder, locate the Androscoggin River Trail marker near Rumford, paddle any part of the Trail, and log your outing.

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