The North Woods 

The North Woods section of the Androscoggin River Trail flows from the headwaters at Lake Umbagog, south through the rapids of Errol, flattens out in the Pontook Reservoir, continues through some serious whitewater below Pontook Dam, through the historic mill towns of Berlin and Gorham, then heads east through Shelburne towards the Maine border.  It is incredibly scenic, often wild, and boasts excellent trout fishing and wildlife viewing.  Download the description and maps of this section below.

Wentworth Location.pdf      Headquarters Lake Umbagog Wildlife Refuge.pdf   Errol Dam.pdf   Bragg Bay.pdf

Bog Brook.pdf  Seven Islands Bridge.pdf   Mollidgewock State Park Campground.pdf   Pontook Dam.pdf   Bofinger Conservation Area.pdf

Nansen Wayside Park.pdf   Rotary Park.pdf   Northern Forest Heritage Park.pdf    Shelburne Bridge.pdf

North Woods site descriptions 

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